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Disneyland Ticket Security - An Easy Way to Avoid Losing Your Disneyland Ticket

Imagine saving hard to go to Disneyland and planning it all out. Youíve organized the hotel, the tickets, booked time off work, talked about it to everyone you know. And then on the first day there you lose your ticket.

At Disneyland, your ticket is very important and needs to be kept in a safe place. Along with the Disneyland ticket, you also need a safe place to keep money and other things like FastPass tickets, Disney Dollars or the Disneyland Merchandise Card.

To make sure that your Disneyland holiday starts out well and stays that way make sure your first purchase on arriving at the park is a FastPass holder. A wallet or purse is not very practical at Disneyland. Instead, a FastPass holder is perfect Ė even if you donít get any FastPasses. A FastPass Holder is a small plastic pouch that hangs from a cord and is worn around your neck. The holders are very inexpensive.

If you think its not worth spending a small amount of money on the FastPass holder, you should consider what a new Disneyland ticket would cost. Because if you lose your Disneyland ticket, you wonít be able to enter the park the next day without purchasing a new ticket. You canít purchase FastPass tickets either.

When you look at the small cost of the Disneyland FastPass holder, youíll see that itís well worth it.

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